This course is designed to help learners recognize, avoid, report, and eliminate hazards to ensure their safety and the safety of others in the workplace. Available in English or Spanish.

Housekeeping Safety Awareness

This course focuses on the importance of good housekeeping in the workplace. Effective housekeeping can help control or eliminate workplace hazards. Poor housekeeping practices frequently contribute to incidents. If the sight of paper, debris, clutter and spills is accepted as normal, then other more serious hazards may be taken for granted. Housekeeping is not just cleanliness.



Last Update: 2/12/2023

Course Overview

This course is intended to provide workers with a variety of safety training topics associated with workplace hazards. It is essential that all areas be kept clean, orderly.

To many people good housekeeping in the workplace just means sweeping up at the end of the shift. But good housekeeping is a lot more than that. It is the foundation of an effective accident prevention program. A neat, clean, and orderly workplace is a safe workplace.

With good housekeeping, companies may look forward to increased productivity, improved Safety performance and enhanced corporate image.

What you will learn

  • Recognize the importance of good housekeeping
  • Understand the responsibilities each person has related to housekeeping
  • Develop good housekeeping habits
  • Identify and eliminate housekeeping hazards